The Nalanda Modern Public School was established in the year 1995 at Burari. The foundation stone of the present school building was laid by honourable Sh. D.P. Vats. He comes from an agricultural family of Sonepat district in Haryana. An intellectual by up brining and philanthropist by temperament, who began his career as a CID Officer. He has a multidimensional personality as well as a dynamic and independent spirit. He was a well known officer in CID but he got the recognition as an unmatched wrestler. This was the turning point of his life. Indeed, this was not his aim. his heartly aim was the up-liftment of the lower strata of the society and contribution of the nation building. It was possible only by impartation of the education. Therefore he decided to educate the children in order to make them a National wealth. This strong desire compelled him to relinquish the job and soon he engaged himself in the foundation of the school.It was not an easy task, which he wanted to do. It was the hard time. But he was gifted with wit and will by birth, therefore the inherited endurance refined him with new plans.Thus the later phase of his life gets a start with the foundation of the school. The school was founded by him with a handful of pupils. The institution was named 'Nalanda'. This dream came true with great efforts of Shri Pt. Meer Singh Educational & Social Welfare Society. All this meant a life of hardship but he felt happiness because it was for the sake of his ideals. He left no stone unturned to uplift the school and hence the result is evident at present.The school has been recognized by Delhi Administration and affiliated to CBSE and is progressing by leaps and bounds under his leadership and guidance. Shri D.P. Vats a rare combination of wit and will has been working since its beginning with untiring and selfless efforts and a will to serve his nation.Truly his efforts are full of motivations. May he live long!