School Rules
School Rules
Parents / Guardiansare expected to sincerely observe all the rules and regulations of the school which may be enforced froms time to time. In case of a dispute, the decision of the Principal will be final and binding on them.


Throughout his/her stay in the school, a student wi l l be governed by the strict Code of Discipline of the school.


Aminimum of 75% attendance is a must for promotion to the next class.


Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks in the premises of the school are strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule can invite expulsion from the school.


Every student shall always carry the Identity Card with him/her for the identification purposes.


Students' participation in all the functions and activities of the School is compulsory.


All the students shall converse in English in the School Campus.


All the studens shall follow the school dress code in letter and in spirit.


Any damage to the school property, caused by negligence or mischief shall have to be compensated by the defaulter.