Sports Activities

Physical Education And Sports
The school organizes sports activities that leads to all round development of our students. In addition to teaching various sports skills, it promotes multi-dimensional activities which satisfy human urges of competition and a taste of victory.

Students have the opportunity of participating in various school sports programmes as well as training in specific 
disciplines through, after school coaching programs. our school students have made great achievements in sports 
at State and National levels in their respective games. Annual Sports meet is organized for the students and 
teachers every year with great pomp & show.

Sports Facilities available in the school are :

1.   Rhythmic Exercises 2.   Basketball   
3.    Yoga & Meditation 4.   Table Tennis   
5.   Short Put 6.   Badminton   
7.   Chess 8.   Discuss Throw   
9.   Football 10.   Cricket   
11.   Kho-kho 12.   Athletics   
13.   Throw ball 14.   Volleyball